Erica is the best! She takes time and has passion in her work. I've had lash extensions done previously at other salons and was left with a lot of damage and basically no natural lashes left, Erica saved mine! No other places can compare, every time I leave the salon I can't stop staring at my lashes! Everywhere I go I am always getting compliments on them. I would not recommend any other salon! Erica goes above and beyond!

Taylor L (Vagaro)

Dental Assistant

I've been going to Erica for years and I couldn't be happier.  She is professional, timely, organized and does great work.  I get compliments daily on my lashes!  Her spray tans are also top of the line.

Anissa K (Yelp)

Senior Director of Financial Services

Erica's Beauty Loft is the best place for eyelash extensions in the Boston and greater Boston area.  Erica has an artistic eye for what looks good on each client, is fast, professional and will listen to what each client requests. If I want them longer on the ends (the cat-eye look), she does that, if I want a more discreet set, she'll do that. I have followed her from where she initially worked, through her opening her own place, because I trust her meticulousness.  She's always reading, learning, upgrading, improving her technique. And her personality is wonderful.  A great deal all around!

Julieta H (Yelp)


Erica is the best! Her work is incredible and her salon is spotless. She is so professional and punctual and a pleasure to be around :)

I do not trust anyone else with my lashes. I've been seeing Erica for years now and have even had her remove my lash extensions when I needed breaks -- my natural lashes are always healthy post- removal! Erica is so talented.

She also offers Aviva spray tans and they are amazing! I cannot recommend Erica enough!

Alexa D (Google)

Director of Operations

Erica is absolutely amazing from her work to her personality!! She makes you feel so at ease and is so fun to talk to while relaxing getting flawless eyelashes! Working two jobs out of state scheduling can get a little crazy but never once has it been a problem Erica is so flexible and understanding. Communication is key and Erica is so good about reminding you about appointments but appreciates when you're just as good and give her a heads up if something doesn't work obviously with a standard 24 cancelation policy. Coming from 2 other salons trying to get perfect lashes I can say I will never go to anyone else besides Erica.

The salon is easy to get too! It's a shared building with many small businesses. It's so cute and VERY CLEAN inside there's a nice couch while waiting and the room is always put together nice when you get there. You always book your next appointment while leaving and grab a fresh new brush for your lashes. I've recommended many people to Erica's beauty loft and I don't regret it!

Stephanie M (Yelp)

Medical Assistant

I have been going to Erica for lashes for 4+ years. She is incredible at what she does. Erica is professional, artistic, knowledgeable , and knows what looks good on you! I go 3 weeks between fills and my lashes still look great. Her lashes are of the best quality I swear I get compliments everyday! Her space is very clean and comfortable and Erica is very accommodating. You will NOT be disappointed . Erica is the best!

Nicole P (Facebook)

Dental Hygienist

Five Stars!

Rachel B (Google)

Assistant Property Manager & Leasing Consultant

I love Erica. She is friendly, easy to talk to and so knowledgeable. I have had many different lash artists try to tell me their lashes were the best. When I met Erica you could tell she was different. Precise isolated lash applications that last over 3 weeks with NEVER any damage. I would never go anywhere else. Her business is clean and she is always so accommodating. Free parking is also a plus. You wont be disappointed! 

Carissa L (Yelp)

Hair Stylist

I have been getting lashed by Erica for 5-6 years now and I always feel so pretty when I leave. Erica is the best in the business! Her work is meticulous and natural looking. Highly recommended! :)

Samantha D (Vagaro)

Dance Instructor / Competitor

Wouldn’t go anywhere else....I have been getting my lashes done by Erika for almost 5 years now!!!! Professional CLEAN and friendly service always!!! Love my lashes and wouldn’t trust anyone else !

Suzanne S (Facebook)

Dance Studio Manager

Five Stars!

Erin G (Vagaro)

Tanning Salon Manager

I LOVE this place. I love my lashes every single time and the spray tans last! Everything is super clean and cute. Erica is the one I book with and in my opinion is the best around. My lashes never hurt and last! Sometimes I get blue lashes put in to make my eyes pop. They have other colors and glitter too! I get compliments all the time. People literally stop me in the street to ask me about them. If you want lashes or a spray tan this is the place to go!

My lashes always come out looking perfect. Erica is my favorite lash artist. She is fast, skilled, and very professional.

Amberlynn P (Yelp)

Program Manager

I trust the work at Erica’s Beauty Loft. I have gotten eyelash extensions before and this is a whole different style! Erica cares for your lash health, and doesn’t damage lashes! The airbrush tans are also PERFECT!

Stephanie P (Facebook & Google)

Regional Business Development Assistant

I traveled to Massachusetts from Philly & needed an eyelash fill during my stay. I found Erica’s Beauty Loft, & was EXTREMELY happy w the results produced. The place was super clean & Erica was very personable & very professional. I won’t be going anywhere else but here for an eyelash fill when I travel there again. I HIGHLY recommend this place!

Khi E (Google)

911 Dispatcher

Erica is so talented at what she does. My natural lashes have never been damaged in the years I've been seeing Erica. Her salon is spotless and she is truly a pleasure.

Alexa D (Facebook)

Director of Operations

I'd been going to Erica for eyelash extensions for a few years now. Erica's technique and products are like no other. Erica is a top notch professional and a master lasher. Her eyelashes are of a high end quality and caliber which actually look and feel like your own natural  lashes. Not only is her technique superior but she works quickly and efficiently to give you the best quality results in the time your there. I would highly recommend Erica. You get what you pay for and her work is worth every penny.

Kristin J (Yelp)

Medical Assistant

Erica's Beauty Loft for the WIN! I have been trying all different eyelash places for a few years, never completely satisfied on any places that I went to. Once I came here, I finally finally was beyond satisfied for what I was looking for. They squeezed me in right away out of kindness, and I have been going ever since. The photos they post are 100% real and worth every penny. They really give you just exactly what you are looking for. I love my lashes and I truly get compliments on them almost every day (no lie). Staff is great, place is clean and relaxing, and I really just have no complaints what so ever. Highly recommended. Thank you Erica! XoXo

Danielle S (Yelp)

Medical Receptionist

I have been going to Erica for almost 2 years now. Her sheer professionalism and expertise is amazing! I would never go anywhere else and would highly recommend Erica to all who are interested in having their lashes done! 

Julie E (Facebook)

Executive Personal Assistant

Five Stars!

Johanna L (Vagaro)

Program Manager

This place is beautiful and comfortable. I highly recommend going here! I’ve been seeing Erica for years even before she moved to Wilmington. As a lash artist myself who’s very particular, I can attest to the quality of the products she uses. Not to mention her work is in impeccable. I highly recommend this place!

I’ve been going to Erica for lashes for years. Being a lash artist myself I have a very high standards. I know how hard it is to find good quality lash artist. Erica’s work is amazing. I get so many compliments even when I’m due for a fill people still comment on how great they look. My lashes always come out perfect. They’re so full, I have that dark lash line that I love and she makes them long without looking fake. Her place is beautiful and comfortable. I highly recommend going here!

Kim F (Vagaro)


If you are looking for flawless lashes, I trust the work at Erica's Beauty Loft. I have gotten eyelash extensions before and this is a whole different style! Erica cares for your lash health, and doesn't damage lashes! The airbrush tans are also PERFECT! 

Stephanie P (Yelp)

Regional Business Development Assistant

Five Stars!

Shauna H (Vagaro)

Emergency Room RN

I have been going to Erica for at least 4 years now! She is not only professional but hard working and honest about her products and services. She goes out of her way to schedule me at my convenience and has never not responded or given me a confirmation call or text.I have and will continue to have my lashes done by her! She is 5 Star all the way! I recommend her to everyone that compliments my lashes and will continue to as well! Thanks Erica for your talents!

Suzanne S (Yelp)

Dance Studio Manager

I was really iffy at first but omg no mascara at all on my top lashes sooooo fast getting ready.  When you wake up you look amazing. I'm addicted. Erica does the best job I've ever seen!

Meg R (Facebook)

Self Employed

I have never been a happier and more confident human thanks to Erica and my wonderful natural volume lashes! The work she provides is something that I truly Erica's Beauty Loft is a salon that protrudes nothing but good vibes and even better lashes. It is such a perfect little salon, located in the most perfect loft in Wilmington, and you're immediately greeted by her little pup upon entering that will make you feel right at home! you are unable to find at any other salon. She is so welcoming and friendly, yet professional and her work shows through that. Aside from the quality of my lashes, I continue to return to Erica because of the positive aesthetic and aura her salon provides. Erica's Beauty Loft is a salon that protrudes nothing but good vibes and even better lashes. It is such a perfect little salon, located in the most perfect loft in Wilmington, and you're immediately greeted by her little pup upon entering that will make you feel right at home!

Brooke P (Vagaro)

Journalist / Student

Convenient location, right off of 93! Erica's work is top notch. I can go three weeks between fills and never feel desperate to get back in! They look great the whole duration between visits. I would rate Erica the best Lash Artist north of Boston! She pays attention to detail and will be honest if your lashes will not support a certain length or style. She actually cares about the health of your lashes which is greatly appreciated.

Katie G (Vagaro)

Hair Salon Owner

Erica's Beauty Loft is the only place I will ever get my lashes done. I was so hesitant at first but Erica assured me they would look great and made me feel completely comfortable my First appointment getting them on. I absolutely love my lashes, I have never had any issues and loved the take home care package the girls give to make sure you're well taken care of. The studio is always clean, welcoming, and recommended to anyone looking for a perfect fit.

Erica is always so friendly and professional. Her work is perfect, I absolutely love my fill every time. She makes everyone feel so comfortable and always reaches out to see how you're doing. You will never leave disappointed!

Sarah M (Vagaro)


Five Stars!

Kerri D (Vagaro)


Erica is a perfectionist! Puts her heart in her work and she's genuine. She cares about her clients, that simple. Very informative on lash care and how to keep them long-lasting. She also really stresses that she does not damage lashes and well as a result, her work goes along with her word.. there has been NO damage to my natural lashes whatsoever. I've had a bad experience at another lash salon where all my natural lashes were ruined and was hesitate to ever get them again but Erica has reassured me and I've been loving the lash life with no damage! Btw place is so cute and comfy!! You feel at ease as you're getting your lashes filled and I think that's super important!!! Seriously, I don't think I'll ever switch to another lash tech!

Phaleena C (Yelp)


Amazing!!! Love this place. Been getting my lashes done from Erica for about two years now. The grade of the lashes are like no other. They are far superior to any other lash I have used. They actually feel like your own lashes. The quality of the product, the proficiency, and knowledge of the staff makes this investment worth every penny. My lashes look super natural and awesome. I get several compliments on them and I can't recommend this place enough.

Kristin J (Vagaro)

Medical Assistant

Erica 's Beauty Loft is great. Erica has always been very professional. She has been doing my lashes for 3 years . I have never had a problem with the adhesive or my lashes .She is very meticulous to make sure my lashes  look perfect every time.  I would recommend Erica's Beauty Loft  to anyone who wants to look and feel beautiful.

Carrie R (Yelp)

Dental Receptionist

Erica takes such pride in her work! Super friendly and always leave with the best looking lashes. I go for a 3-week fill and my lashes still look amazing before I go. Responds back to messages quickly and is flexible with booking appointments. Highly recommend!


[It's located in an] adorable beauty loft. Cute decorations, clean, organized, and always has your choice of music playing. Great setup for getting lashes done. Comfortable/heated bed. Easy to get to off of the highway!

Nicole T (Vagaro)

Occupational Therapist

Erica and [Junior Artist] Maranda do the best work! I've had my lashes done other places before and I will only come here. They listen to what you want and will exceed your expectations!!

Teresa C (Vagaro)


Erica has a great personality and is very knowledgeable about lash extensions and how to care for them. I get the volume lashes and they always come out full and glamorous! I definitely recommend!

Amanda R (Vagaro)

Absolutely love it here !! The girls are an amazing team and always make sure to fit me in somewhere for eyelash extension fills, Even when I forget they'll personally notify me and squeeze me into there busy schedules I love it ! I'm in the beauty industry, so I understand how hard it is to keep up with your clients and they make it look easy. They always remain super professional and the atmosphere is relaxing, I always know I'll leave extremely satisfied and have no doubt that I'm in the best hands!

Maranda [Junior Artist] has come a long way in her field of expertise !! I've followed her for about a year or so now and I trust her 100% with my lashes I don't even need to tell her what I like she knows me so well she always makes sure I'm slaying the lash game! Super professional and well rounded in her education with lashes, I will never go to anyone else! Def found my lash lady !

Laura W (Vagaro)

Hair Artist

I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for my lashes.  I have been going to Erica for 3 years now.  Not only is she professional with her work but she has created a comforting, soothing, relaxing environment.  I look forward to my appointment every two weeks!  If you aren't getting your lashes done by Erica, you're missing out!  Give her 5 stars for sure!

Suzanne S

Dance Studio Instructor (Website)

I have been a client getting eyelash extensions from Ms. Erica Ramos for well over a year now, and I could not be more satisfied with my long fluffy beautiful lashes every time I leave the salon! I look forward to my lash fill because I have created a great relationship, trust, and mutual respect with Erica. She really truly knows how to make me feel comfortable at every appointment and truly cares about each and every one of her clients. I believe she treats all of her clients with the utmost respect and courtesy. We always talk and have the best laughs during my lash fills! I love it! I appreciate how she is so accommodating to me whenever I need a lash fill squeezed in if I have an event, date, or vacation coming up I know I can always count on Erica. I would also like to mention I have been to about 3 other lash artists and each one I had horrible experiences! My lashes were pinching in certain places and felt so heavy! When I first came to Ms. Ramos about a year ago my lashes were actually damaged from a previous artist. Erica was still able to lash me and assist in growing my lashes out again so they were strong again for her to create extreme volume looks! Our real eyelashes "falling out" from eyelash extensions is a total myth, it means you are going to the wrong artist. There have been times within this year when I didn't have extensions on and my natural lashes were still so full and i could curl them/put mascara on just fine they still looked amazing. I will continue to see Erica for my eyelash extensions because she is the only lash artist I have found to love and trust! xoxo

Katie B (Website)

Sales Consultant / Student

Five Stars!

Brittney P (Vagaro)

Dental Assistant

Five Stars!

Alyssa S (Vagaro)

Lash Tech / Student

Five Stars!

Amanda C (Vagaro)

Five Stars!

Heather T (Vagaro)

Five Stars!

Andrea M (Vagaro)

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