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Meet The Owner

My name is Erica and I am the owner of Erica’s Beauty Loft. I am a board licensed Esthetician. I have become a highly talented Esthetician, because I was expertly trained from the beginning. I have received the finest education and training in skin care and esthetics in New England. I have been certified by Catherine Hinds Institute in their most extensive course, as a Master Esthetician, with 1200 hours. This course also included a student hands-on, supervised clinic to the general public. However, I did not stop my education there. I have taken additional courses on my own to learn new services and update techniques for services I have already mastered. I will always continue to update my education! I took a personal, passionate love for the application of eyelash extensions, which I have now mastered, with ten years of experience.

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More About Me 


A couple years into my lashing journey, I have been fortunate enough to become self employed as a local, small business. I am a single mother, and am grateful to be given this opportunity. I had started with nothing but a pair of tweezers, and determination (for my son's future). I truly feel this is my purpose in life, and I am very pleased with that. To me, "Lashing is a form of Art, and every face is my canvas!" I not only loved the personal client connection from the start, but I began to notice how this service also offered a deeper meaning by inspiring women to feel good about themselves. The connection about looking good and feeling good is powerful. A woman is unstoppable when she feels beautiful! When you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, living everyday life can be difficult and cause unwanted stress, which can affect your health to even the most intelligent, successful, wealthiest person.


I have always been in the beauty industry, one way or another. I grew up deciding whether to go that route or become a teacher- as I love to educate and spread knowledge! A few years ago, I have decided to explore my love for teaching. I applied for my license to become an Esthetics Instructor, and took courses to understand different techniques of teaching. I then began educating Eyelash Extensions as the Special Guest Instructor at a very well-known Esthetics school here in Massachusetts. I have also written and edited manuals for Eyelash Extensions, and launched my own brand of Lash Extension products and supplies.

Being a Virgo, my main mission is service to others and I would agree that I am a perfectionist! A few more words to describe me would be: empathetic, pleasant, loyal, driven, and patient. On a more personal level, I have always said, "I love to love, and I love being happy!" I grew up north of Boston, and still live in my hometown, which I am proud of. Things that I truly enjoy outside of my career include: spending time with my son (even if I had to learn video games- lol), all animals (I have a Chihuahua and Sugar Gliders to start), making others laugh and smile, Taco Tuesday, and Boston sports ("Celtics, number one!").

My pleasure is to constantly provide quality care, dedication and up-to-date services for my amazing clientele! I put my all into my business, because it is not just a "job", this is my passion! Therefore, I purposely minimize my services offered to focus on specifics. Other certifications besides Certified Eyelash Extension Artist and Sunless Airbrush Treatment, currently include: Master Esthetics, Microdermabrasion & Hydrafacial, Aromatherapy, Eyebrow Threading, Lash Lift & Tint, and Brown Lamination & Tint. I am also certified to do chemical peels by PCA Skin, Vitality Institute ("VI"), and Glytone. I have been trained and worked with a number of different skincare lines. My Master Esthetics certification covers the following: American & European Facial Treatments, Advanced Esthetic Treatments, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Techniques of the Face & Body, Advanced Facial & Body Anatomy and Physiology, Spa Therapy Treatments, Corrective Make-up, LED Photolight Treatment, Skin Disorders, Microdermabrasion, and Laser Hair Reduction. I plan to also use my skills to educate other eager individuals who want to learn! I have had the pleasure of educating students to become certified in Sunless Airbrush Treatment, and want to continue adding such services in the near future.

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Meet The Staff

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Always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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