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  • What are Eyelash Extensions?
    Eyelash Extensions is a cosmetic service used to enhance the length, thickness (volume) and curl of your natural lashes. Unlike a false lash strip, they are a longer-lasting solution to beautifying your natural lashes. It fully eliminates the use of mascara! Please beware, they are highly addicting!
  • Why choose Erica's Beauty Loft?
    As they say.. Support small, local businesses! (Thank You) It is also VERY important to choose a sanitary shop, with experienced, licensed professionals, like ours. Our education is always up to date! And, our specialty IS eyelash extensions.. You don't preferably want someone who is a "Jack of All Trades" or "Master of None", when you can choose a "Master of One"! (Please take that rhyme lightly.. We are licensed Estheticians, who have learned and provide many other services, but eyelash extensions is our passion!) Please remember: Local businesses "put your dollars back into the local economy. You help us buy food and clothes for our families. We support other local business. We pay local taxes, which help our schools, police and fire department. We offer personalized services and unique offerings you will never find in a big box store. WE CARE because we are a part of the [same] community. Shopping local makes a different for all of us."
  • How do I choose between Classic or Volume Eyelash Extensions?
    Erica's Beauty Loft is trained to determine and suggest what may look best for you, by asking a couple simple questions at the initial visit. We describe Classic Eyelash Extensions as a simple and natural set. Classic lashing using one eyelash extension, on one natural lash. (Always precisely isolated to one natural lash here!) Classic lashing uses a slightly thicker extension. However, we can also create you a natural-looking set of Eyelash Extensions using the Volume technique. Volume lashing uses multiple, individual eyelash extensions, on one natural lash. Erica's Beauty Loft personally never use clusters, which can be quite damaging and slightly irritating as you do not feel a seamless connection of the eyelash extension on the natural lash. The thickness of your Volume set will not only be determined by what you are looking for, but also by what your natural lash can hold without damage. Whether you choose a Classic set or any type of Volume set, you will always see a difference!
  • What do I do before getting Eyelash Extensions?
    We will discuss all of this before your appointment.. But here's a heads up! If it's your initial set, we ask that you stop using any waterproof mascara at least two days before your visit (and then dispose of it- lol). You must come in with squeaky clean lashes, and you may also re-wash in our shop. Do not curl your natural lashes either. We suggest that you shower beforehand, because you cannot get your eyelash extensions wet, directly after your service. It is also recommended to not wear contacts, as a safety precaution, and they may become uncomfortable. If you have extreme seasonal or pet allergies, it is recommended you take an antihistamine (orally or an eyedrop), because you may be more likely to experience an allergic reaction. Some clients have also brought headphones to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Other tips we have include: wearing comfortable clothes (you will be laying down a while), turn your cellphone off (to not cause any distractions), and please do not having any caffeine or stimulants prior.
  • How do the Eyelash Extensions at Erica's Beauty Loft differ from the next shop?
    At Erica's Beauty Loft, first and foremost, we make a promise that we do NOT damage your natural eyelashes... and we actually mean it! We also customize each and every client's service to best suit their facial features, and of course to not damage their natural lashes. We have had over 50 fixes from surrounding shops, and you will feel / see a difference as soon as you sit up from your service. We will never put down another company or individual, as they may not be as experienced at that moment. ("You get what you pay for") However, every Lash Artist should discuss their level of expertise with you! We believe in strong communication, and we take the uttermost pride in producing quality service! We are also up to date with education and techniques, and will always provide you the most sanitary environment possible. You are not just another name in our book, we create relationships here! Client reviews speak for itself.
  • How do you clean your tools and work station?
    Erica's Beauty Loft practices proper infection control. We sanitize (clean) and disinfect as directed by the Board of Massachusetts. We additionally sterilize our tools as well. All single-use, disposable items are discarded after each client. The Owner is certified by Barbicide, proving training and understanding of proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures consistent with the current highest industry standards. Each licensed individual at Erica's Beauty Loft must retrieve their own certification.
  • How long does it take to apply Eyelash Extensions?
    Applying a quality full set of eyelash extensions takes approximately two hours, or more, depending on the desired look. Eyelash extensions can be maintained year-round with a standard one hour touch-up / fill. A fill is recommended about every two to four weeks, as long as you have about 50% of the lash extensions remaining. Additional time may be required, or simply requested. A partial set of eyelash extensions will reduce the service time, but is not recommended. It is an economical alternative to achieve a similar effect, applied as a filler to thicken natural lashes, or applied outward from the eye for a specialized look.
  • Who is doing my Eyelash Extensions?
    At Erica's Beauty Loft, we consider our eyelash extension specialists "Lash Artists". Owner / Master Lash Artist, Erica, expresses "Lashing is a form of Art, and every face is my canvas! I must properly customize and compliment the look of each client's eyes." All of our Lash Artists are licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists.. closely trained by Erica. Erica's Beauty Loft will always tell you the level of experience of the Lash Artist you see. We usually run "specials" for newly trained Lash Artists, for you to "grow with them".
  • How are Eyelash Extensions applied?
    Once a customized style is perfectly selected for each individual client, you will comfortably lie down for the entire service, with your eyes closed. (If at any time you must use the restroom, or get up due to anixety or any other reason, let your Lash Artist know ASAP. We have experienced almost everything by now!) Your bottom lashes will gently be secured and protected by "eye pads". If additional cleansing is necessary, your Lash Artist will gently cleanse the area using a specific eyelash cleanser and disposable brush, before applying the eyelash extensions. The eyelash extensions are precisely applied one at a time using a specially formulated, semi-permanent adhesive, that will not irritate the eye nor damage your natural lash. They are applied with a pair of tweezers, milimeters away from the lash line, creating a natural appearance. (They will never touch the skin!) Once the extensions are complete, the eyepads will carefully be removed and you may get up. You will not feel any burning sensation or irriation, which some clients (and myself) have reported from other shops. All eyelash services also come with a free nap!
  • Why are my Eyelash Extensions falling out?
    You will begin to notice your eyelash extensions, as they "shed". Lash shedding is natural and healthy! We approximately shed 1-5 natural lashes per day. You have always shed your natural lashes (or any hair), but you begin to notice them more now because they have a more visible "attachment". Your hair has a repetitive growth cycle, that occurs between every 60 to 90 days. Many factors can also speed up or slow down your personal growth cycle, such as: age, health issues, medications, stress, and more! You may have also noticed your hair sheds more (or your pets fur) during certain times- this is called "seasonal molting" or as we painfully call it "lash shedding season". During this time, you may need to come in a little sooner than normal. If you experience this, it may occur for you during the spring and summer, while another client may experience it during the fall and winter. Humidity may also play a huge part in some extra eyelash shedding, whether the season has changed or you went on vacation to a different climate change. Please always remember, everyone is different!
  • How often do you need to get Eyelash Extensions redone / filled?
    Eyelash extensions should last through a full growth cycle of your natural lashes, typically six to eight weeks. Every person’s lash growth is at a different rate, but it is recommended to maintenance your eyelash extensions with at least a standard one hour fill about every two to four weeks to maintain a full look. When you come in for a fill, you must have at least 50% of your extensions. Please keep in mind, that sensitive adhesives require more maintenance.
  • What happens after I get my Eyelash Extensions? ..Are there things I can't do?
    First off, you must wait about 24 hours before getting your eyelash extensions wet. Also be cautious of moisture! This includes showering, washing your face, sauna and steam rooms, swimming, sweating (exercising or danving), and crying. You may, of course, shower.. but keep the steam to a minimum and do not get your extensions wet.. wash your face around your eyelash extensions. You should also avoid any type of facials, treatments around the eyes (chemical, laser, etc) or tanning beds, while the adhesive is fully curing within the first 24 hours. The number one NO NO is absolutely no oils on the eyelash extensions. This includes oil-based products such as: cleansers, makeup remover, eye creams and serums, lotions, sunblock and tanning lotions, and Vaseline. Such products will break down the adhesive, requiring more frequent fills. You’ll also want to protect your extensions from water pressure in the shower or while swimming, to avoid loosening the adhesive. And remember to NEVER rub, pick or pull your lashes.
  • How do I sleep with my Eyelash Extensions?
    I'm sure we can all agree that we don't actually know how we sleep. It is recommended to sleep on your back, but I myself even find that uncomfortable! I personally am a side-sleeper, and you will notice that you may loose more eyelash extensions from the side you sleep on. We do however sell sleep masks, which do help protect your extensions at night (and let me tell you- give you an amazing sleep!) A silk pillow case not only helps preserve you lash extensions, but also fights against wrinkles! Some clients have told us they have even slept with a U-shaped, neck pillow (I cannot speak for that, lol).
  • "I want her lashes" - Can I achieve the same look as someone else with Eyelash Extensions?
    Everyone has different lashes, and depending on the condition of your natural lashes, we can only go a certain length and/or thickness. This is to ensure that your natural lashes remain healthy, keeping our promise at Erica's Beauty Loft to never damage your natural lashes! For example, if your natural lashes are on the shorter, thinner / frail side, you won’t be able to get a crazy, dramatic Kim Kardashian look, because it won’t last. They can prematurely shed (or technically break off), or become too heavy.. twisting and turning, causing aggravation! As Erica always say.. "It’s easier to add more next time, than to take away (in length or thickness)" However, we will always incorporate what you are looking for, along with our promise to not damage your natural lashes.
  • When should I take a break from Eyelash Extensions ?
    If applied properly, I have some great news for you... You will not have to "take a break". We have had clients who have had eyelash extensions on since the beginning of our journey, in 2014. (We would not continue to lash you if your lashes were in jepardy.) We have also had some clients who have requested for them to be removed, and they all were pleased, yet shocked at their natural lashes looking the same as when they first came in. Please keep in mind, if you do have your lashes removed, you may initially think your natural lashes are damaged.. but please remember you just had on extensions for a period of time which made your lashes longer and/or thicker, and you most likely got use to that! We normally take photos before a new set is applied to any client, for such reasons. You may request those images at your initial visit. (We try to keep all our images filed, but due to unpredicted faults, there could be a possibilty of loosing the images over time.)
  • How do you remove Eyelash Extensions?
    A professional adhesive remover is used. We specifically use a remover with a jelly-like consistancy. It is placed on the eyelash extensions, and it breaks down the adhesive, causing the extensions to literally slide right off.. Never any damage to your natural lashes! You should never feel any pain or discomfort. We also have videos on our Instagram for reference. Please do NOT remove your lash extensions by yourself. If you are in dire need to remove them, remember oils are bad for your extenions.. At your own risk, safely steam your face and apply oils to the extensions.. The oils will break down the adhesive, helping the extensions slide off.
  • What are the most common types of Eyelash Extensions?
    The top three most popular types of eyelash extensions include: synthetic, silk and faux mink. The most commonly used, synthetic material, is made from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). PBT is a thermoplastic engineering polymer that is mechanically strong and heat resistant up to 302° F. Size availability ranges from about 6mm to 16mm, depending on the brand used. Human hair, horse hair, mink fur and fox fur eyelash extensions also exist, and human hair may be available upon request, as we do not currently carry any of those products. Erica's Beauty Loft is 100% against any and all animal cruelty. While some distributors say such animals are not hurt in the process, I cannot believe wild animals are apt in doing so, especially without being sedated. However, we do know that such fur farms support animal suffering from tiny, and usually unsanitary, cages. Although I have been personally told that the mink fur is collected from brushing the animal, I refuse to believe it and continue to believe that this terrible industry usually gets their fur from after the innocent animal is killed. Please click here to read an eye-opening article about real mink fur used for eyelash (and eyebrow) extensions.. This is why Erica's Beauty Loft does not support it.
  • What are the pros and cons of wearing Mink Eyelash Extensions, like Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian?
    Everybody is looking for a different look — some want drama, and some prefer a more natural look. Erica's Beauty Loft is 100% against all animal cruelty and will not promote real mink eyelash extensions. However, we do carry faux mink eyelashes. The benefits of (real or faux) mink eyelash extensions are that they are a more feathery looking and lighter, virtually weightless, material. Being that they are made from real fur, they are velvety soft... or will mock the same consistency when using faux mink. They put less pressure on your natural lashes and look the most natural! Mink lashes also demands a higher upkeep, and you may never get a real dramatic look. Faux mink have been created to hold its curl, while real mink fur lashes will become straight when wet, and a curler may be needed. Mink lashes also come at a higher cost.
  • What happens if the adhesive gets in your eyes?
    Your eyes are to remain closed the entire time while the eyelash extensions are being applied, therefore no adhesive should, could or would ever get into your eyes. The amount of adhesive used is also very, very little, and the adhesive we personally use at Erica's Beauty Loft dries within 0.5 - 1 second. It is almost dried by the time we place the extension on the natural lash.
  • What type of adhesive do you use?
    We use high quality, safe products from a well-known brand, located in the USA. The adhesive is specifically for eyelash extenions only. It's a professional grade, cyanoacrylate based adhesive. We rarely change our adhesive, because.. "if it's not broken, why fix it?" Changing adhesive brands too often, within a company, can create problems for the clients, such as allergic reactions. And as mentioned above, our adhesive dries within 0.5 - 1 second. While we always use the same brand adhesive, we may use the same adhesive with a different dry speed for our Lash Artists in training. Allergic reactions are possible, so we carry a sensitive adhesive, once again by the same brand. There is no formaldehyde in our adhesives, however, shipping adhesives across the world and having a distributor leaving them on the shelves for a long period of time can often lead to a buildup of formaldehyde by the time it reaches the eyelash extension shop. We at Erica's Beauty Loft are on top of that to make sure we only purchase the best adhesive for your safety! (Although we purchase within the USA, we have done our homework to see where our distributor is receiving the items from!) All MSDS are available upon a medical request.
  • Is it an allergic reaction or something else?
    It is very important to understand the difference between an allergic reaction and an infection. Our licensed and experienced lash specialist will not let an infection occur, taking proper precautions, on our end. However, you must do your part! We will educate you on everything you need to know regarding both situations. Allergic reactions are possible, so there are different types of adhesives based on an individual's sensitivity. (The sensitive adhesives require more maintenance.) However, if you are allergic to the adhesive's key ingredient cyanoacrylate, the sensitive adhesive may still fail you. When you are allergic to the adhesive, you will see the reaction usually by the next day, and we will prepare you with certain steps to take to calm the reaction. You should use a cool compress to reduce swelling and irritation, use an anti-inflammatory/anti-itch cream such as cortisone or Benadryl, take an allergy relief medication such as Benadryl, and / or an allergy relief eye drop. Please keep in mind we are not "medical professionals", we have only learned from experiences. You may also want to contact your Primary Care Doctor, as they may prescribe a type of eye drops to assist in helping. A removal of the eyelash extensions is also available, if the client chooses to do so. If you think you may have had an allergic reaction in the past due to eyelash extensions, you must let us know beforehand (it's also on the intake form). We can possibly try other solutions!, so please don't hide this information from us. Always remember everyone is different- but.. one of our faithful clients had initially had a reaction at another shop, and is actually experiences no symptoms at Erica's Beauty Loft.. (but there were cautionary steps we started with).
  • What infections can Eyelash Extensions cause?
    Eyelash extensions themselves will not cause any infection. Infections are caused by causing cross-contamination as well as improper homecare, such as not properly cleansing, creating a feeding zone for bacteria. Whether you have eyelash extensions or not, you can attract the same infections. You would notice a difference in your eye area, including but not limited to bumps, swelling, redness, pain, itching, and white or yellow discharge. Ocular disorders or infections, such as keratoconjunctivitis, conjunctivitis, styes, lash mites, and blepharitis are possible. You will want to contact your Primary Care Doctor or Ophthalmologist .. S/he may prescribe an antibiotic. Please keep in mind we are not "medical professionals", we have only learned from experiences. When we discuss this during your initial visit, I always start out by saying "I'm not trying to scare you.. I'm trying to educate you.. to let you know what CAN happen."
  • Why did you refuse to apply my Eyelash Extensions?
    Erica's Beauty Loft has the right to refuse to perform a service on an individual. There would never be a refusal based on any type of discrimination. Professional Lash Artists will never perform a service on a client that shows signs of an eye or skin irritation / infection. This may include but not limited to: redness, itching, inflammation / swelling, or any other signs of abnormalities. This is a safety concern for not only yourself, but your Lash Artist and any other person you may come in contact with. Clients must be symptom free for a minimum of two weeks before performing their service.
  • Any other reason(s) I cannot get Eyelash Extensions?
    Contraindications of eyelash extensions, other than the obvious eye or skin irritation / infection, include but not limited to: recent eye or nose surgery, new permanent make up application in the eye area, ​​hypersensitive skin, or a condition that does not allow you to close your eye fully. Please also inform us if you have had an allergic reaction to this or a similar service prior.​ Consult your Ophthalmologist if you have recently had any type of laser / lasik procedure.​
  • Can I get Eyelash Extensions if I am pregnant?
    Eyelash extensions are considered safe for pregnant women, but Erica's Beauty Loft asks you to talk with your Primary Care, or Doctor involved in your pregnancy. We are not held responsible for anything that may be possible. We personally recommend a patch test, if you currently do not have any on.
  • Can I still get Eyelash Extensions if I have Alopecia or have had medical treatments that made me loose my hair?
    As long as you have eyelash to attach the extension to, yes. We never attach anything to the skin / lash line. Our lash specialists will customize a style for you, knowing this beforehand. Most likely, a much lighter lash will be used. We have worked with clients in both situations.
  • Can you go blind?
    No! Your lash specialist is properly trained to apply the adhesive and lashes in a way that is completely harmless. Your eyes are closed the entire time of the procedure. No matter how bad an allergic reaction may get, you will never go blind. The worse case scenario is that you need to go to the eye doctor to get specific eye drops and/or topical cream to treat an allergic reaction.
  • What happens when you cry?
    If you experience any burning or discomfort during the procedure, causing your eyes to tear or making you cry, this is a huge red flag and you should certainly speak up. You may need to have your technician change the adhesive. Getting eyelash extensions should be a completely pain-free experience.
  • Can I still wear mascara?
    We highly suggest you don't wear any mascara.. especially because it sort of defeats the purpose of your visit. Please speak with us, if you are still using mascara. But IF you have to, it must be a water-based mascara (not waterproof). Needs to be a type of mascara that can be easily cleansed, by using just water. Mascara must always be applied gently, and to the tips. If you are in between fills and have a gap, try to only apply it to the missing area.. not the entire eye.
  • Can I bring my child(ren) to my appointment?
    We want this time to be 'ABOUT YOU", providing you with the most relaxing experience possible! We hear that this is the only time some of our clients are without their children. We do not recommend you bring your children, but with Erica being a single mother, we understand sometimes there is no other option! However they spend their time waiting for you, whether it's coloring and writing or playing a game.. All we ask is that your children are on their best behavior. We have learned that electronics such as ipads, phones, and gaming systems keep all children occupied the entire time! We do suggest younger children should be accompanied by an additional adult. Remember, your eyes are closed! Your Lash Artist cannot properly do your eyelash extensions and watch your child. The parent or guardian of the children are fully responsible for their actions. Erica's Beauty Loft is not responsible for any children, and their actions. We need to be mindful to not only other clients and staff within the shop, but also our neighbors next door and downstairs. We want everyone happy! Please re-review our Policies.
  • Anything else I need to know about Eyelash Extensions?
    IF there is anything we may have missed above, it may be discussed not only prior to your visit, but at your initial visit. You will also be sent home with Aftercare Instructions, if you choose to take the information. Any time you have any questions, our clients know to never hesitate to contact us! No question is silly!
  • What is Airbrush Tanning?
    Airbrush tanning is a form of sunless tanning that does not damage your skin. It leaves you with a natural, even tan. Airbrush tanning is a popular and safe alternative to tanning beds and booths.
  • What is the difference between Airbrush Tanning and Spray Tanning?
    Spray tanning usually refers to a booth that mists you with the tanning solution through several nozzles, quite quickly. This can leave for areas getting too much, too little or no solution at all. Airbrush tanning is a one on one service with a certified technician, who can evenly apply the solution to all areas of the body. The solution is applied with an airbrush gun / machine. Although this is also a quick service, you will never feel rushed.
  • Is Airbrush Tanning a "one color fits all"?
    "I've seen people look orange......"
  • What do I do before getting an Airbrush Tan?
    Before your appointment, you will want to "prime" your skin, in order to have the best results! Priming your skin for your appointment is important so your skin cells react properly to the tanning solution's active ingredients. Please shower as close to your appointment as possible. During your shower, you'll want to exfoliate first, and then shave. When you exfoliate, ​ If you want to do the exfoliating and shaving the night before, that is completely fine as well.. so you don't have any cuts. Do not put on any lotions, makeup, perfume or deodorant the day of your airbrush tan. Such products can create a barrier. We want you as fresh as you can be, right out of the shower! Make sure all of your waxing and threading are done prior as well!​
  • Why did you refuse to service me of my Airbrush Tan?
    Erica's Beauty Loft has the right to refuse to perform a service on an individual. There would never be a refuasal based on any type of discrimination. A professional will never perform a service on a client that shows signs of an eye or skin irritation / infection. This is a safety concern for not only yourself, but your technician and any other person you may come in contact with. Clients must be symptom free for a minimum of two weeks before performing their service.
  • Can I get an Airbrush Tan if I am pregnant?
    Airbrush taning is considered to be safe for pregnant women, but Erica's Beauty Loft asks you to talk with your Primary Care, or Doctor involved in your pregnancy. We are not held responsible for anything that may be possible. We personally recommend you follow all our precautionary measures when in the booth.
  • What happens if I cry?
    THIS I know first hand! DO. NOT. CRY! The tears will cause streaks! It will look utterly horrible initially.. but once you take your first shower to rinse, it will fade and sort-of blend. It will not be to perfection.
  • Anything else I need to know about my Airbrush Tan?
    IF there is anything we may have missed above, it may be discussed not only prior to your visit, but at your initial visit. You will also be sent home with Aftercare Instructions, if you choose to take the information. Any time you have any questions, our clients know to never hesitate to contact us! No question is silly!
  • What is Waxing?
    Waxing is the process of hair removal from the root. Your Esthetician will cover the requested area of your face or body with a sticky substance, known as Wax. The Wax will adhere to your face or body hair. When the Wax is removed, it will pull out the entire hair from the follicle.
  • What type of Wax do you use?
    We exclusively use low-temperature, high-grade, hard wax. This makes our waxing services fast, gentle, and virtually painless!
  • How should I prepare for my Wax?
    Shower the night before or the day of your appointment, and exfoliate the area to be waxed. Your hair should be at least 1/4 inch long (the size of a grain of rice) to be properly Waxed. DO NOT MOISTURIZE the day of your appointment (the Wax will be unable to grip the hair). You may want to take an over-the-counter Pain Relieving Medication about 20 minutes before your appointment.
    No sexual activity, if Waxed in this area No hot showers, only cool to lukewarm No shaving No tight clothing No exercising or working out No saunas or hot tubs No swimming No activities that will make you sweat Apply moisturizer daily - EXCEPT the day of your Waxing appointment Exfoliate every other day Schedule your next Waxing appointments every 4 weeks!
  • Is Waxing painful?
    Each client will have their own answer. It is absolutely nothing unbearable. Your Esthetician is trained with the proper techniques, and using the right wax at the right temperature. Proper pre and post Wax care will make a difference! However, the very first time is the most "painful", as your hair has never been Waxed before. The area of skin being waxed is more than likely not on a "routine schedule" of being exfoliated (and moisturized). If you are consistent with a regular 4 week Waxing schedule, your hair will come in less, smoother, and will be less painful than the prior.
  • I've never had a Brazilian Wax - What do I expect?
    Please don't worry!.. There's a first for everything! Just let us know when you are booking, and we will give you some tips for the best first experience!
  • How smooth can you expect your skin to be after Waxing?
    First, you must get all your hair on the same cycle before it will all be smooth. (Hair grows in 3 different cycles) You must remain on a 4 week Waxing schedule. It will take 3-4 Waxing appointments before all your hair is on the same cycle. Your first Wax may only get about 90-98% of your hair. Hair that is left behind was not ready to come out, and is in a different cycle. You may see some hair come through only after a few days. Do NOT shave or tweeze any hair, if you are looking to remain on a Waxing schedule. If you shave or tweeze, you will throw the hair cycle off and you will have to start the process all over again.
  • How does my hair grow in after Waxing?
    Your hair will not grow back as if you have just shaved, and feeling prickly". Your hair will come in very smooth!
  • Does Waxing cause ingrown hairs, bumps or breakouts?
    Histamine reactions can happen to anyone, at any time, but especially to people who do not get Waxed reguarly. Histamine reactions appear as tiny red bumps or look like the skin of a "plucked chicken". You can take a Benadryl before or after your appointment to help with this reaction. You may also apply an antihistamine lotion. If you are prone to these breakouts after Waxing, you may want to start to take Benadryl starting a day or two BEFORE your Waxing appointment and continue 24-48 hours after. It is very important to follow the Aftercare Instructions. Ingrown hairs happen because the hair can not poke through the skin, causing it to turn back "inward". To prevent ingrown hairs, you need to moisturize the Waxed area daily and also exfoliate every other day. Moisturizing daily AFTER your Wax will keep the skin smooth, and the hair will be able to come out easier. Exfoliating takes away the dry layer of skin and helps prevent the ingrown hairs from happening.
  • Will I breakout after a Back or Chest Wax?
    Most men DO breakout after a Back or Chest Wax. This histamine reaction usually lasts for 24-48 hours. Taking a Benadryl before or after your appointment may help. The pores in your skin are wide open and susceptible to bacteria at this point. It is recommended to bring a clean shirt to put on after your Wax. It is very important to follow the Aftercare Instructions.
  • How soon after a Bikini or Brazilian Wax may I have intercourse?
    24 hours
  • Examples of when NOT to get Waxed?
    It is best to have Waxing done a day or 2 before your Wedding, Honeymoon, or the day before you leave on a vacation. It is also recommended 4 days before or after your menstrual cycle (as you will be very sensitive), fatigue or run down.
  • Is Tweezing involved with Waxing?
    You will not be Tweezed after Body Waxing. However, Tweezing may be involved with Waxing during Brow Shaping.
  • Why should I moisturize the area to be Waxed daily?
    You should moisturize your skin well daily, waxing or not. However, healthy, well moisturized skin allows the Wax to release more easily and the hair to come out easier... creating less pain!
  • What if I cannot continue Waxing after your started?
    Waxing may not be for everybody... but we have not had this happen yet! If you cannot continue with Waxing due to it being too painful, please notify your Esthetician and they will stop immediately. If you decide this after the first 2 applications, you do not have to pay for the service.
  • I am a male getting an intimate Wax, and am afraid I will have an erection - What happens if I do?
    It is very normal for a male to get an erection when the Wax is applied to the skin. This is usually an adrenal response from the Waxing service that you have no control over. From a Professional's POV, it is actually better when Waxing the area, as the skin is tight. Your erection usually goes away when the Wax is taken off. We ask that you respect your Esthetician, as they respect you. Your Esthetician is a high-trained professional! They will not hesitate to call Police immediately if you cannot control yourself.
  • Anything else I need to know about Waxing?
    IF there is anything we may have missed above, it may be discussed not only prior to your visit, but at your initial visit. You will also be sent home with Aftercare Instructions, if you choose to take the information. Any time you have any questions, our clients know to never hesitate to contact us! No question is silly!
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