Covid-19 Update

Updated: June 20, 2020


Hi Ladies!.. I hope this message finds you well! ..


As you may have heard, Governor Baker has announced that Phase 2 Part 2 can begin to reopen as of Monday June 22, 2020 with the "new normal" in place.


Erica's Beauty Loft is planning to service clients starting on or around Monday July 13, 2020, with all new protocols and equipment in place. Our goal is to be a stress-free sanctuary for you. The well-being of our clients and staff is our number one priority.. and for this reason, we are taking extra precautions. While we still await on our insurance to give us the green light, shipments for additional PPE equipment / supplies still are expected to arrive over the next couple weeks. We will be sure to do another deep clean before the doors open! You will be contacted with a confirmed appointment date as it gets closer. (Please do not forget to sign the COVID-19 Waiver)


The only reason this date may change (further out) is if Massachusetts begins to see a high increase like the other states, such as Florida / Texas / Arizona as more things open .. Simply because, as you all may know.. my family and I are considered to be "people who are at high risk" by the CDC. It is stated "Workers who are at high risk from COVID-19 according to the Centers for Disease Control should be encouraged to stay home." I personally have a weakened immune system, plus moderate to severe asthma. My family I am living with are worse than I am.. ranging from immune-compromised, heart conditions, diabetes, asthma, recent severe surgeries, and very old age with multiple underlying health conditions.


Thank you for your patience and understanding! I cant wait to see your face! ♥


Stay safe and healthy! XOXOX