Covid-19 Update

Updated: June 7, 2020


Hi Ladies!.. I hope this message finds you well!


After my last text, I found out that it is believed that I am in the “second step” of Phase 2. I was waiting for the announcements this weekend to reach out again.. Glad to say, at least, the beginning of this new phase starts tomorrow!


I still need to wait for more information, and I sincerely appreciate your patience!! ..The Governor is waiting on medical info to determine the next step of this phase, and as soon as I hear anything.. another text will be sent!


Just a reminder from the last message, if you haven’t signed the “COVID-19 Waiver”, please do so before your appointment. (Thank you to those who did!)


Also, if anything has changed on your end for availability, please let me know. 


I didn’t want to release appointment dates yet, simply because we do not even have an open date. But I am getting many messages for an “idea”, and I totally understand! ... So PLEASE understand this date is NOT FINAL.. just an “IDEA” of what I’ll be working with. I don’t even know how to word this at this time, lol, but here goes. I am taking all my current clients spread over a couple weeks, as I will have to limit my hours, for several reasons. So, I will be wording it as follows: “the first Monday“  —  “the second Monday”  .... simply because, we do not have an open date. IF anyone wants to / needs to move, please let me know sooner than later. (Thank you!)



[Client Name]- Your TENTATIVE appointment date would be: the [first/second] [name of day] (when I open) at around [time]. Remember to plan at least 2 full hours.

[Personal Client Acknowledgment of signed waiver and/or donation]



I hope you understand my message.. Please let me know if you don’t. I will get back to you all once I hear solid details. Stay safe and healthy! XOXOX