Covid-19 Update

Updated: June 1, 2020

Hi Ladies!! .. me again  I hope everyone has been staying healthy and safe!.. especially after last night’s heart breaking scene. 


On Friday, Governor Baker announced that he'd issue an order today, Monday, allowing Phase 2 businesses to begin preparing for reopening. I will continue to check the Mass website as directed at his 3:30 update, for specific industry guidelines. Also on Friday, Governor Baker said the announcement of the start date for Phase 2 will come on June 6 and will be based on continued progress in the public health data. The earliest Phase 2 could start is still June 8.


If any changes to your general availability needs to be changed, now is the time please! I’ll start messaging your dates within a day or two.. planning that I can see everyone next Monday!!! 


I will be updating the “COVID-19 Policies” to follow what guidelines that are to be released to me, and you can view those at anytime:


I also need EVERYONE to electronically sign this “COVID-19 Waiver” before we confirm your appointment. 


Well... I hope that my next text is just your appointment date to begin next week!


Thank you so much!! Please continue to stay safe & healthy!! XOXOX