Covid-19 Update

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hi Ladies!! ♥ I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day weekend! (as best as you could, lol) .. We are ONE week away from the possible reopen date! Cross your fingers! .. 


From hearing from other states, that are even ahead of us.. Salons have mainly not been included in all Phase One reopenings, because we cannot social distance. I have my mock schedule to work off of, and will update you all when we hear solid information. Our Governor keeps mentioning he will release the guidelines around/on the 18th, so I really don’t see much of an opening.. since people need to prepare their establishments for these changes. He released guidelines for everyone to begin to think about, but not industry specific. 


So.. I just wanted to reach out regarding a couple changes that must take place, as of now, to safely open during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. There may be *more* changes to come, but I will do my best to let all existing clients know about the additional changes that take place. (A page on will be dedicated to "COVID-19 Policies")  I have only put this together from listening to what my fellow Lash Artists are doing all around the world, as well as the little information released by the state, as of now. Our Governor will release the next industry specific guidelines around/on May 18th.. I may or may not be included.


1. You must bring a mask or face covering to wear during your appointment. As always, I will be wearing mine.. possibly a shield, I’m being told.

2. Please do NOT come in if you are sick or around someone who is sick .. or have recently traveled. I will waive the Cancellation Policy, of course.. And you will have to reschedule for at least two weeks from the canceled appointment. We have seen this virus causes a domino affect- PLEASE I beg you to be honest!

3. Please refrain from bringing guests with you. There is still a gathering limit! And as I been hearing.. in the salon type industries- they are working on creating a rule of one client per one service provider allowed in the establishment. 

4. You will not be able to wait in the waiting area. I am putting more than enough time in between clients to sanitize and disinfect, that you should be fine! Please shoot me a quick text, or phone call, when in the parking lot. 

5. Bring a blanket or two from home, if you’d like. I still cannot make the table comfy yet.. it must be bare for the time being.

6. I am told to keep talking to a minimum (or not talk at all actually).. so if you’d like to bring headphones to listen to a book or podcast, please do. But of course, as always, just let me know what you like to listen to over my speakers! ..We can even listen to podcasts together! Two of my clients introduced me to them, lol. 

7. All payments are encouraged to be touchless/contactless, such as PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, ApplePay, Zelle.. Please let me know if there are others!, or if you have a issue with this. I will try to set these all up! (I've never used some of these before, lol)



Wow! I wanted to say sorry after every one of those statements, lol. I do apologize for all of this, but I’m sure you understand this is all temporary! Thank you so much for following these guidelines to ensure all of our health and safety!


Another thing I’d like you all to think about before you come in.. (especially to the women who love the LONG lashes)..Think about a new style. I’ve always told you, the shorter you go, the FULLER it looks. (Don’t think “short”. A lot of the thick looks I’ve been shown by picture are actually a much shorter length than about half of you ladies have.. The artist just knows how to take a great photo, lol). We can discuss this again if you’d like as well. But since everyone is starting fresh.. maybe, literally.. start FRESH! We can always add the length if you prefer that, at your fill! (I’ve said at everyone’s day one appointment, “it’s harder to take away”). I have been writing a lashing manual because I will begin teaching (and I have a couple other things up my sleeve *wink*)  After I began to deal with my anxiety from this pandemic, I turned this time into something great! Can’t wait to share all this with you soon!


And lastly.. I didn’t think this was going to last this long. If anyone needs any products, please let me know. I can order from my distributors with my license and ship directly to you! I have also been given a direct link & discount code from one company.. You can directly purchase at:  .. use “EricasBeautyLoft” at check out for an additional 15% and FREE shipping! (They have also lowered their prices during this time!) .. Let me know how you like these products, I have used plenty of them but don’t currently have everything in the shop. They’re keeping track and little things like this will help my business to keep its doors open, and ensure your lashes are their healthiest for when I am able to lash you again!!


I miss you all! Stay safe and healthy! ..hope to see you soon! XO 



PS- this could have been an email but everyone preferred text lol  ..Sorry it’s so long!