Covid-19 Update

Updated: April 02, 2020

Hi Ladies! .. First off, I miss you all!.. And I pray that you and your loved ones are staying safe & healthy! (*prayers*)


I never send a mass text like this, but I have the same exact message for everyone. 


As you may know by now, the Governor has closed me at least until May 4th. (Let’s pray for normalcy by then please!) .. A lot of people have been reaching out to book.. and I want everyone treated fairly. (It’ll be on you if you don’t respond here lol) .. But, You know I will try my best to get everyone in ASAP! (But I am only one person)


I am please asking if you can please REPLY to this with your general availability.. For example: I’m available Tuesdays & Wednesdays... I’m available lunch times and weekends... I’m available nights after 5:30 and Friday mornings. I’m going to write it all out to sort how to fit everyone in the best and quickest I can. IF for any reason you don’t mind waiting til the next week, please let me know that as well as it will be helpful. I feel for you ladies, believe me.. I want my lashes done badly too :(


I am also planning on everyone needing a new set- I am so sorry- but don’t you agree? .. Please keep in mind that is TWO hours. I know a couple of my girls can’t sit that long, and if that’s the case, please mention that and maybe we can break it up.. one hour and a couple days later, another hour. Please remember I cannot give you a full set that will last 2-3 weeks in only one hour. I’m an Esthetician .. not Magician *wink*


And lastly, if you have an EMAIL address, please send. I may possibly send out emails instead of bothering you with text messages. (Sorry I don’t use emails, I just never have, even personally)


THANKS SO MUCH! I sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you! ♥

Please continue to stay safe & healthy!