Covid-19 Update

Updated: March 16, 2020

Hello Ladies!...

After lots of thinking over this past weekend, I am sincerely sorry to inform you that I have made the responsible decision to close my shop. I am doing so to "help flatten the curve", as things are becoming more and more serious. I have actually not been in work for almost a week now, due to the fact that I was supposed to go away but was actually unable to because of this virus. Now our children's schools have closed as of Friday March 13th, and things seem to be getting more and more serious. My current plan is to see what happens, and to at least stay closed for possibly one to two weeks, and then revisit this situation. I had tried role playing with a friend with extra sanitation, disinfecting and safety protocols but I need to listen to my gut. More and more positive cases are popping up, and we are being told to "social distance" from one another, and that is something that I cannot do at my job. To ensure the health and safety of ALL of us, I must close. This is a very difficult decision for me, especially as most of you have got to know me personally and my situation (single mom), but I generally care for people way too much and cannot go on working.. knowing that I can possible spread this myself or within my business. You can carry this virus without any symptoms, and it seems to be spreading quite fast.

I want to please remind you how thankful I am for each and every one of you ladies reading this! I really appreciate those still wanting to come in, but I pray you will be there for me when I feel it is safe for us all to enjoy this! I will sincerely miss you all, and I hope to see everyone's smile again soon! Feel free to reach out to me any time.. especially since some of you ladies won't have your "therapy" sessions  *wink*

Stay safe & healthy!